PSG to Secure Another Ligue 1 Title without Any Serious Threat

The 2019/2020 season of French football league could see PSG winning Ligue 1 title one more time. As it stands at the moment following the end of week 24, PSG is on top of the standing with 12 points clear gap from Marseille. Referring to the scheduled end of Ligue 1 2019/2020 at May 23rd 2020 most likely there will be no serious threat from any other team on the standing. It is quite clear that PSG has been too strong and too consistent for other teams within the Ligue 1 competition. Since the year of 2012/2013 PSG has secured 6 out of 7 league titles. The time it was lost from Monaco at 2016/2017 it remains on top as the runner up of the league. Its 9th title is clearly under its grasp.

PSG to Secure Another Ligue 1 Title without Any serious threat.

The strong and consistent performance of the team is obviously the result of a perfect combination of its lineup this season. Names like Neymar, Angel Di Maria, and Kylian Mbappe will always be around to be referred to the best performers of the team. Mbappe currently sits on the second place of top scorers of the league with 15 goals. Meanwhile Neymar is very close to Mbappe with 13 goals. On the assist side the name of Angel Di Maria is leading the pack with 11 assists so far. Looking at those statistics surely it is highly reasonable for PSG to be able to perform really well as it is today. Maintaining or even gaining more points gap on the standing is totally impossible to help securing the league title soon enough.

Meanwhile the current second place within the standing is Marseille. It holds the most league title victories still with 10 wins. PSG is closing in with 8 title wins so far. Marseille last league title win was in 2009/2010. That was then followed by 2 runner ups in 2010/2011 and 2012/2013. The idea of PSG winning Ligue 1 one more time is surely not good news for Marseille. It is important for Marseille to be able to put up a fight with PSG it ensures that it remains the team with most league title wins. The current squad of Marseille is not that bad at all. The team needs more consistency in order to be able to catch PSG more importantly next season. PSG has been winning for the last 5 matches while Marseille could just secure 3 wins out of 5.

An interesting name sits there on the third spot of the Ligue 1 standing at the moment. Stade Rennais is in there with 1 point clear of Lille and 8 points away from Marseille. Rennais has never won the Ligue 1 title at all. Yet the team has won the Ligue 2 titles twice in 1955/1956 and 1982/1983. Obviously this season has been a decent season for Rennais to be able to secure the total of 12 wins so far within the league match days. Even to secure its 3rd spot on the league standing will be enough for the team. It has to deal with Lille, Montpellier, Strasbourg, and even Monaco that could push it down below the top 3 spots on the standing.

Meanwhile the once dominating Lyon has been seemingly underperforming this season. It currently sits on 9th spot on the standing. Looking back to its glorious period of 2001/2002 to 2007/2008 with its first 7 title wins Lyon has been a completely different team today. Following that glorious period Lyon has just managed to secure 5 third places and 3 runner-ups of the league. That is clearly not a performance that a winning team should have.

There is not a single doubt that PSG could really win the league at the end of this 2019/2020 season of Ligue 1. It even performed well in the Champions League by winning its group on the group stage. It managed to secure 16 points out of 18 to move forward to the knockout stage of the Champions League. That performance level of PSG on the Championship League stage is just evidence that it can be really consistent. So, with that in mind, PSG winning Ligue 1 to secure its 9th title is just a matter of time.

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